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Local SEO Services

If you're not ranking at the top of search results, you need Web Design Pros.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO is the practice of increasing search visibility for businesses in the community. These can be mom-and-pop shops with physical locations, like a convenient store or doctor’s office, or service-area businesses that service a specific area, like a roofing contracting business or heating and air conditioning company. If you’re looking to market your business, keeping up with local SEO tasks can be a hassle – but don’t worry, Web Design Pros can help. We provide local SEO services in Watkinsville / Athens, GA to help you get more business online. We’ll help you list your business in online directories and take care of the technical stuff to ensure your business appears in Google when people search locally.

We can help you determine:

  • If your business is eligible for a Google map listing
  • What local information you need on your website
  • How to manage your online reviews
  • What to do when your site fails to rank highly
  • What are the most effective local SEO strategies
  • How to outperform your competitors in search rankings

and much more…

Website Services┃Content & On-page SEO

The part of SEO that deals with your website is called on-page SEO. We provide on-page SEO services to optimize individual web pages to help you rank higher and get more traffic to your website from search engines. If this is a new website, our process at Web Design Pros starts with a few basic pages with clear, informational content, including:

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Reviews/Testimonials
  • FAQ
  • Contact

The Technical Aspects Of On-page SEO

The way your website is optimized has a big impact on how well you rank in search engines. We understand the technical components required to improve your website’s search ranking including:

  • Easy navigation and proper internal linking
  • Mobile-responsiveness and fast page loading
  • Secure URLs
  • Proper header tag structure
  • Effective website content
  • Optimized metadata for each page

and much more…

If you are a business in Watkinsville, let our experienced SEO experts optimize your website to drive traffic to increase your business. Call 1-844-WEB-PRO1 for a free quote today.

Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors┃Link Building & Directory Management

“Off-page SEO” takes place outside of your website to impact your search engine ranking. Off-page SEO maintenance involves improving the perception of your site’s popularity, relevance, and authority to search engines and the broader internet. This is accomplished by other reliable sources (websites, forums, social media pages etc) promoting your website by linking to it, essentially “vouching” for the quality of your content. The relevance, trustworthiness, and authority that off-page SEO factors into your website’s ranking. At Web Design Pros we have years of experience helping businesses rank higher, gain visibility, acquire customers, and grow sales.

Target Market Research

The first step in identifying your target market is understanding what your products/services offer to the community or businesses in your area. Where are you located? What are the features and benefits of your product or services? Your market is your customers when they search for your business’s products or services. Google shows results based on the location of the customer in your market and what they are searching for e.g. “pizza in Watkinsville, GA”. No matter the competitiveness of your market, we can help you improve your position based on the search and keyword.

Competitive Analysis

Every geographic area you serve is subject to different competitors. We can help you identify your local competition and dominate your markets. First we’ll perform a competitive audit to verify that you’re targeting the right keywords and identify where you rank among your competitors for those words. We can then help you understand why a competitor is outranking you and develop a plan of action to effectively compete.

Link Building

Building backlinks is at the heart of off-page SEO. Once we’ve established your goals and performed our market research, we will begin link building, starting with formal directories like online news sites and blogs. When an outside source like these reference your business’s information, this is called an “unstructured citation.” We build these valuable backlinks for you to communicate to the search engines that yours is a credible and trustworthy business in your market.

Press Release Syndication

Get started with strategies that reach audiences to fuel growth – like publication of press-releases about your products or services. You can write about your company history, recent news, business affiliations and other things to do nearby, customer stories, sales events, loyalty programs and more.

Local Reputation Management

Every local business is bound to receive a number of negative reviews. While a few bad reviews is nothing to panic over, you should try to make things right if you can. We can help you develop and maintain a positive reputation with listings.

Do You Need Professional SEO & Web Services in Watkinsville, GA?

In today’s digital era, every website needs optimization for better ranking. And if you’re reading this page, it’s clear you want to know why you need SEO services. Call Web Design Pros for a free quote today. No hassle, no hidden fees.